StudentCoin ICO Token sale

GOAL OF StudentCoin

is to become the of College Students worldwide.
Cryptocoin - Studentcoin

StudentCoin ICO Token sale. Goal of StudentCoin is to become the official cryptocurrency of college students worldwide.

StudentCoin - Certificate

Usability of SC-StudentCoin

Our goal is to become the official cryptocurrency of College Students worldwide. In the united states there are 3,500+ colleges and universities with more than 30M+ students, 50M+ Alumni, 200+ Fraternities and Sororities 25M. US students have $1T in buying power with very little going toward investment or business growth.

SC-StudentCoin token details

TOKEN NAME:       StudentCoin Prime


TYPE OF TOKEN:    Utility

TOKEN SUPPLY:     100,000,000 SC

TOKEN STANDARD:   Stellar Blockchain

TOKEN PRICE:             1SC = 5USD

SC contribution & distribution